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Sick of all the dust that lingers in your home after a tile demo?


We're here to help

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Dustless tile removal in Summerville and Charleston, SC

Harbor Flooring LLC offers dustless tile removal services in the Charleston, SC area that takes the hassle out of tile demo. With dustless tile removal, there is no need to hang plastic up or have your house cleaned afterwards.

Traditional tile removal can coat your entire home with fine dust particles that are dirty and dangerous to inhale. We use a state of the art removal system that minimizes those fine dust particles to next to nothing.

Dustless tile removal is a new service unique to our clients in Summerville and Charleston, SC area. Call (843) 879-0195 today to speak with a qualified tile professional near you!

Why dustless tile?


Dustless tile removal has many benefits for home owners:

  • Less mess during and after the tile removal process
  • Safe for pets and children
  • No need to cover home and furniture in plastic

In fact...
OSHA has recently released a policy requiring any company that deals with Crystalline Silica (basically everything with a concrete base) to use dustless equipment. Harbor Flooring LLC follows all industry standards to better serve our clients.

With Harbor Flooring LLC dustless tile removal, tile demo has never been so easy!