Boost your home’s value with gorgeous engineered wood floors. Harbor Flooring LLC will install, replace or repair any engineered wood in your Charleston, SC-area home. Here are five reasons we love this material for our clients’ floors: 

  • It’s more durable than standard hardwood. The veneer on top adds strength and durability to plywood boards.
  • It’s easy to install. Plus, we can replace and repair individual boards without having to replace the whole room.
  • It’s less expensive over time than traditional hardwood flooring. The costs are similar upfront, but unlike traditional hardwood, engineered wood requires very little maintenance.
  • It has the same properties as hardwood. Because it’s made of real wood, engineered boards can be sanded down and refinished whenever necessary.
  • It looks just like real hardwood. You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for convenience. With engineered wood, you get both every time.

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What's engineered wood?
Don’t worry – “engineered” isn’t a fancy way to say “not hardwood.” Engineered wood is made of 100% real hardwood. There’s no plastic here. It’s covered by a hardwood veneer that adds durability and protection. Engineered wood can last longer than standard hardwood, especially in humid climates like Charleston and Summerville, SC. 

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